Ultimate Football Management 13-14 Patched

ufm12 3JPG 300x221 Ultimate Football Management 13 14 Patched

We’ve been watching the comments on Ultimate Football Management roll in, and we’ve been busy beavering away on an update to fix the bugs. The new version (it’ll say 1.7.3 on the title screen) should fix a whole bunch of problems including:

- Players will no longer play for more than one team
- Players will no longer change position/rating upon being signed (this was due to more than one player having the same name in the game)
- Sold players will no longer occasionally appear in the same team
- Fixed the infinite money exploit on the transfer screen.

Unfortunately the fix will probably cause issues with existing saved games, so you’ll need to start from scratch to guarantee compatibility.

Any other issues? Let us know!

What’s Coming Up On Mousebreaker Over Christmas and New Year?

We’ve been busy in the Mousebreaker kitchen, cooking up some exciting sequels to our most popular games: and they’re coming over Christmas and New Year. Yes, that includes some Christmas games including the annual fun-fest that is the Naughty List, but there’s a lot more too. Blast Billiards, Jumpers for Goalposts, Ultimate Football Management and Sports Heads.

Sports Heads Challenges 300x164 Whats Coming Up On Mousebreaker Over Christmas and New Year?

Before we begin, NO WE’RE NOT GIVING OUT RELEASE DATES. I say that in capitals so I can point to it when the question gets asked again in the comments. These are all coming soon, and should be here in December and January, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

So, without further ado…

Blast Billiards Revolution

Ultimate Football Management 2013-14

Jumpers for Goalposts 5

Sports Heads Challenges

…and a few other surprises along the way.

Happy Christmas everybody!

What’s New on Mousebreaker?

I’ve been out of the office! Sorry, not many updates for a while, but in case you were wondering what great games we’ve put live on the site since my last post, here’s a full recap:

Death Penalty: Hat Trick or Treat?

Death Peno ToT 300x115 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

A Halloween reboot of one of the most popular original games ever to hit Mousebreaker. Can you send the undead back to Hell all over again?

Dyna Boy

Dynaboy 300x223 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

Light the fuse and throw your dynamite in this retro puzzly platform adventure…

Nazi Zombies

nazi zombies 300x216 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

The Cutest Massacre

Cutest Massacre 300x206 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

Adorable rabbits, badgers, cats and tortoises… enter a bloody fight to the death! Complete the campaign solo, or do some 2 player deathmatch!

Gothic Post

Gothic 300x224 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

Uncover the creepy mysteries of the town in this BFI horror adventure.

Corporate Climber

Corporate Climber 300x230 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

Start as the janitor in the basement, and work your way up to the CEO’s office in this depressingly unrealistic (albeit, very funny) platformer.

Space Bar is Hell

spacebarishell 300x225 Whats New on Mousebreaker?

How can a keyboard button be Hell? Play the game and find out. For a one button game, this one is very, very hard indeed…