Ghostscape Returns for More Point and Click Frights

We love Psionic’s adventure games on Mousebreaker, and fresh off the back of the brilliant Being One series of adventure games, he’s gone and made a sequel to old favourite Ghostscape. Can’t fault the lad’s workrate!

ghostscape 2 300x202 Ghostscape Returns for More Point and Click Frights

This time, he’s taken us away from the mansion to a creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere. As a jorunalist/adventurer type, it’s up to you to get photos of strange goings on and get to the bottom of the place’s secrets. Graphically the use of photos gives it a much creepier vibe than the original, so you may want to play it with all the lights on (you big scaredy-wuss).

Play Ghostscape 2: The Cabin

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