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Since setting up the Facebook Pinch Hitter fan page, we’ve been getting quite a few questions about exactly how to bat, run and catch for success. Tuesday Tips to the rescue!

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Pinch Hitter 3 introduced catching and running to the mix, but let’s start with the batting you get in all versions of Pinch Hitter.


The best advice you can get in terms of hitting home runs (which is usually your main aim!) is to hit the ball with the tip of the bat, ideally at the bottom of the ball. This will give it the speed and lift it needs to send it flying to the back of the screen – especially in the little leagues where the arenas are smaller…

Of course, in Pinch Hitter 2, there’s a level that many people find really hard where you have to go a whole 10 pitches without getting out. The trick here is to make sure you bunt the ball to minimise the chance of getting caught, but make sure you always connect with the ball. Move as far right as you can, and tap the ball as it goes past, and you should see every ball harmlessly falling to the ground.


Running is done by clicking rhythmically once ever second or so. Because it’s a bit tricky to get the hang of, early levels have a metronome to show you exactly when to click – if you’re doing it right, you’ll speed up, if you’re doing it wrong, you’ll slow down.

The metronome will vanish after a time, but this doesn’t mean you can stop! Keep clicking to the rhythm to speed up all the way to the last, and you should be able to avoid getting run out.

In the big leagues there is no metronome to base your running on, so you’ll have to have got the hang of it by then. If you’re getting run out a lot, head to the running training and memorise exactly when you need to click.


Catching can be a bit tricky, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you should catch more than you drop.

Along the top of the screen you’ve got where the ball is on on the length of the field. The main area of the screen shows you where your catcher is standing width wise. Keeping an eye on both can be tricky, and you can mainly use the main screen, by keeping an eye on the shadow of the ball. When it’s almost above the player, click with the hand roughly in line with the ball and you should catch it.

As ever, the training ground is your friend if you’re still struggling, so try, try, try again and you should be putting down the opposition in the big leagues in no time.

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