Sports Heads Football: Championship Edition Now on Mousebreaker!

Good news Sports Heads fans, the latest version is here: Sports Heads Football Championship Edition.

We’ve taken on a lot of feedback in this version, from little things (a pause button!) to big ones (a league, upgrades to purchase, more flexible 2 player options) we think it’s a big improvement on what was already one of our favourites from this year.

Sports Heads Football Champ 300x203 Sports Heads Football: Championship Edition Now on Mousebreaker!

There’s definitely more Sports Heads to come from us in the future – it’s not just going to be tennis and football…

Play Sports Heads: Football Championship

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15 Responses to “Sports Heads Football: Championship Edition Now on Mousebreaker!”

  1. Great game but the same bug exists as in the original football heads – when you continue a saved game some of the bottom completed achivements reset to not achived

  2. i had a bug when im playin and when i done the season it won’t let me submit so i can’t get new players

  3. I love the game, but after a season has finished you don’t get the extra unlockable.

    Also, on some of the levels the clock at the top is covered.

    Perhaps in the future, a mod where the top teams in the league have the higher stats? To help make it more of a challenge (and realistic!)

  4. great game bad name when you put championship i thought it would be the championship league not the premier league :/

  5. great game but cant submit score and when i achieve things they don`t save.

  6. I agree with you there Coolio i couldnt submit at the end of the season apart from that its a good game

  7. I’ve finished the season four or five times, but there is nowhere to click “when the season is done.”

  8. who would think that?

  9. naming it premier league would be copyright

  10. Hello all – we’ve just been able to replicate the end of season score submission bug, and the issues with unlocking. We should have a new version soon. Thanks for your patience!

  11. do you have a date for the new version yet?

  12. it would be great if you could make this game an online multiplayer.

  13. The game will not load is it because im using XP?

  14. Bugs:
    - computer player can jump and kick after a bomb hit; user player can’t.
    - it’s possible to score from the *top* of a small goal when it changes size.

  15. A couple more bugs:
    - sometimes a game that is declared a win shows up on the standings as a draw
    - there are times when the game “remembers” the last pressed key and acts as if it were still being pressed. For example, a player may automatically charge forward and ignore all other key strokes until the match ends.

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