New Star Soccer is Here – And It’s Like a Top Down Jumpers for Goalposts!

Remember Sensible Soccer? We do. And more importantly, so do New Star Games who have made a brilliant top down football series called New Star Soccer. For the first time, this is now in flash (not to mention iPhone and Android), so we can spread the game around.

It plays like a top down Jumpers for Goalposts!

nss 199x300 New Star Soccer is Here   And Its Like a Top Down Jumpers for Goalposts!

Start off from the lower leagues, and impress on the pitch and off it to work your way up to the life of a footballing legend. Have you got what it takes to be a superstar?

Play New Star Soccer

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13 Responses to “New Star Soccer is Here – And It’s Like a Top Down Jumpers for Goalposts!”



  3. Hey A,
    The game’s great. Great idea there . Many tings which were missed in JFG are there (Things like being subbed off, ) The football game itself though, could be much better aesthetically. And the commentry could be a wee bit faster. Please take it in your stride, I’ was really trying to be ‘constructive’. A little patience and we’ll have the new JFG!

    Keep it up. And thank you .
    Nikhil Poddar

  4. Hello all, and thanks for the lovely feedback. We didn’t make this one (though we do make Jumpers for Goalposts), New Star Software do, so we can’t enact any feedback or improvements to it, sadly.

    That said, Nikhil – if you want to speed up the commentary, press the arrows underneath the in-game clock. ;)


  5. One more thing A,

    The energy levels go don WAAAY too fast, You could do 1 thing that it replenishes itself every half an hour or something like the energy level goes down much slower compared to now. Keep up the good work. CHEERS,
    Nikhil Poddar

  6. Oh, alright A. I like the game though. And my above comment was beo I saw yours :p. Whatever. Thanks anyways.

  7. This game is great but the money isn`t that accurate.

  8. My saved game gets deleted after a few games! Happened the second time! WHY?! Please help.

  9. This game is awesome! I really can’t explain why it bothers me, but I always hate seeing the incorrect team abbreviations (such as PRTLND instead of POR). Other than that, NSS is easily on my list of Top Five Mousebreaker games, along with Jumpers For Goalposts 4, Ultimate Football Manager 2011-12, Hambo, and Pirates vs Ninjas. And then there’s Pinch Hitter 3, which I also like very much…

  10. I also wish that I had the opportunity to be a goalkeeper, one of the main negatives (for me anyway) about the Jumpers for Goalposts series…

  11. comes in 5 jumpers for goalposts

  12. what age do you retire at? cause im 40 and im still playing

  13. It’s playing in a small rectangle box :S how do I change the size of it?

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