Ultimate Football Management 12-13 Patched

Happy days, Mousebreaker fans: we’ve been following feedback on Ultimate Football Management and have just put the game’s first patch live.

ufm13 300x224 Ultimate Football Management 12 13 Patched

It *should* be okay with current saved games, but we can’t guarantee it, unfortunately. To make sure you’re seeing the latest version (which will allow you to select between English and Spanish on start up), you’ll need to clear your browser cache. Here’s how it’s done: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache. If you’re worried about your saved game, then just don’t clear your browser cache, and the game will remain unchanged for 90 days.

What’s new in version 1.6.7?

- Added in the Spanish Language!! (Y ahora también en Español!)
- Fixed some bugs relating to duplicate youth team players
- Fixed the ‘Kaka’ bug (Kaka would either appear as a 3 rated defender, or as the 7 rated midfielder, but would change into a 3 rated defender when signed: this happens when more than one player with the same name was in the game). This affects other players with duplicate names too.
- Players over 100 years old have had dramatic plastic surgery to make them look under 35 again
- Other fixes and optimisations

Play Ultimate Football Management 12-13

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23 Responses to “Ultimate Football Management 12-13 Patched”

  1. I’ve cleared my browser’s cache and i play the new version (infact i can choose from spanish or english language) but some bugs are still there. I can see duplicate players (i have some players who play in my club and in rival clubs).
    Hope you fix this bug…

  2. Is that with a current saved game? I wouldn’t expect the bug to go away without starting a new game, to be honest.

  3. Yes it’s the saved game. Well i’ll start a new game. :)

  4. If u sign 1 youth player , that same youth player is in another team too

  5. u know the only problem with the orginal ultimate- 2010-11 that when a player wnet a rating up and you quit game and load it up later the player goes down to 1 rating less / original rating

  6. when i play the game and close it..
    and again later when i play it, the saved game isnt there.. i have to start again from before.. why is that? help pls?


  8. In the next ufm can you add the preferred foot and make some new positions like second striker(SS) and make more wingbacks

  9. Afif: http://blog.mousebreaker.com/2012/04/help-my-mousebreaker-game-wont-save/

  10. Some more leagues please, in the next game!

  11. Doubt it, I’m afraid Fairuz: I think 4 leagues is our absolute ceiling in Flash.

  12. Hi Guys,

    Just want to say thank you for doing a great job with this game.

    Just would like to point out a problem that I experience and that is when I am selling a player the transfer fee that is quoted for a player and the transfer fee that I actually receive is always less by 2-10m depending on the transfer fee. I keep experiencing the problem where I try to sell Rooney for say $42m but I actually receive 32m. In fact it is always a lower figure than what I get quoted when I select sell player.


  13. there is a bug when you get a youth player at the end of the season he goes to a diffrent club

  14. On the commentary it will come up with ‘benteke scores for aston villa’ (for example) but the score will go to 0-1 (to the opposing team) and it comes up that he has scored for the other team. very annoying.

  15. I played 20 seasons with the latest version and here are my comments and bugs in addition to other fellow players (same problems with double players and receiving less money when selling):
    – In 2029 I reached 1,950,000,000 funds and then after a win the money started to deduct from my funds. Also when selling a player the money deducted from the funds as well. I offered 500,000,000 for a player and the other club rejected the offer (I have 5star status and all three cups for 19 seasons)

  16. Could u make a national game
    AN international team with countries all over the world and as the manager you could pick from a range of pplayer
    30 max
    and release player when gets crap

  17. There is a bug with the youth player they are in your and some other team, same stats and rating
    must fix

  18. you all need to fix the youth player glitch everytime the youth player plays for clubs then i cant use them at all instead you all should add loans instead of someone playing for 2 clubs

  19. Could you please let us buy players whose price 250,000,000$ and up cuz it wont let us

  20. could you make an UFM this year that just updates so you dont have to make more games ?

  21. every time there is a free agent i try to buy him he reject and join arsnal i dont know why

  22. Hi there,
    great game. But how can you extend the offer for a player over 100.000? I’d like to buy some players that have gone up to 250.000 but the bar is limited to 100.000 although I have enough money. Thanks for the reply.

  23. Are you going to make the game Ultimate Football Manager 13-14?

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