Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts ’90s! [Coming Soon!]

So here’s a surprise for you. We’ve been working on not one, but two new Jumpers for Goalposts games. Jumpers for Goalposts 5 is in the works, but we have another game in the series that’ll be coming out first: Jumpers for Goalposts ’90s!

Setting a game in the past allows us to do some neat stuff that hasn’t been done before in a Jumpers game, like being able to make clubs improve and decline as they really did… and the whole thing is decked out in a retro 90s vibe.

Here’s some screenshots to get you in the mood:

jumpers90s 1024x687 Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts 90s! [Coming Soon!]

jumpers90s2 1024x680 Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts 90s! [Coming Soon!]

jumpers90s3 1024x687 Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts 90s! [Coming Soon!]

jumpers90s4 1024x669 Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts 90s! [Coming Soon!]

We may be looking for testers nearer release. Keep an eye on the Jumpers for Goalposts Facebook page to hear about the game first!

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35 Responses to “Introducing Jumpers for Goalposts ’90s! [Coming Soon!]”

  1. Seems pretty good! waiting.

  2. At last! Looks awesome. Now if you could make a cricket game like this….

  3. Sounds retrolling

  4. OMG looks awesome can’t wait

  5. Please, please please let me test this! Looks amazing!

  6. “liverpool plan 11m Heskey raid” :D

    Looks insane though, is there still 4 leagues?

  7. As this one is more story based, it’s a little more restricted in terms of customisation. It’s only based in the four English leagues, and you can play for England in the 1994, 1998 and 2002 World Cups.

    Yes, we know England didn’t qualify in 1994 – we took some creative licence there, and did a ‘what if’ scenario… ;)

  8. So, you guys are adding some elememnts of Premiership Combo? Looks interesting!

  9. Hi ca be possible to add the French clubs on UFC? and put in the French language. It is a very large French community to play a games. Sincerely Nourou Moussa

  10. will it come out this week

  11. do you get to play for your own country or it is just England

  12. Nourou: Is that Ultimate Football Management? No, I’m afraid not. I think we’ve maxed out the number of leagues the game can support, and we have to order my popularity. No prospect for a translation at the moment either, I’m afraid.

    Muhammed: We don’t have a release date in mind as of yet.

    John: Just England. This allows us to be more detailed in historical events.

  13. Looks quality

  14. Do all teams improve and decline or just the ones that really did?

  15. so will we have players like eric catona

  16. We are still waiting .. , Will there be a football tycoon 3 right?

  17. Hmm. Seems interesting. But I will wait till the JFG 5 coming out with some new things like positions maybe? Goalkeeper,defender,midfielder,striker? With new skills to improve. Or . Trainer career after retiring from football?

  18. Harry – Teams will have some flexibility as to how they perform, but in general you’ll see some improving and declining as they really did

    Jake – Yep

    Nourou – There’s no plans for a third Football Tycoon as of yet

    King Drogba – Jumpers for Goalposts has always been about being a striker. We won’t be adding new positions in 5. And no, no trainer mode – that would be a completely different game engine, and would require a lot more detail than Jumpers has. It’s impossible, basically.

  19. when is it coming out???

  20. can you make a game with acarrer of a goalkeeper like jfg but goalkeeper

  21. there are no gk career proper games

  22. pls alan martin pls

  23. Damage.

  24. when is it coming out??

  25. when is the game coming out??

  26. “When it’s done”. If we had a release date in mind, we’d be shouting it loudly.

  27. but is it going to take long?

  28. Can’t wait checking mousebreaker everyday to see if it is there!

  29. Can you create a Jumpers for goalpost where we retire when we want to rather than when the game makes us

  30. Is the jumpers for goalposts released number 5 yet we love suarez

  31. can you make a GAME called pes 2013

  32. So will SWFC be in the top flight!

  33. When is it coming out (released)? And in JFG5 will there be a way to change position? or go to a different league without purchasing?

  34. it would be cool to have a game where we pourait manage a national selection.

    You select the players summoned for the game.

    You made ​​your tactics.

    you play the euro, world cup ect.

    The Federation can fire you if you have bad results.

    Google Translate

  35. i played it yesterday it sick
    a lot of new events

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