What’s Coming Up On Mousebreaker Over Christmas and New Year?

We’ve been busy in the Mousebreaker kitchen, cooking up some exciting sequels to our most popular games: and they’re coming over Christmas and New Year. Yes, that includes some Christmas games including the annual fun-fest that is the Naughty List, but there’s a lot more too. Blast Billiards, Jumpers for Goalposts, Ultimate Football Management and Sports Heads.

Sports Heads Challenges 300x164 Whats Coming Up On Mousebreaker Over Christmas and New Year?

Before we begin, NO WE’RE NOT GIVING OUT RELEASE DATES. I say that in capitals so I can point to it when the question gets asked again in the comments. These are all coming soon, and should be here in December and January, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

So, without further ado…

Blast Billiards Revolution

Ultimate Football Management 2013-14

Jumpers for Goalposts 5

Sports Heads Challenges

…and a few other surprises along the way.

Happy Christmas everybody!

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10 Responses to “What’s Coming Up On Mousebreaker Over Christmas and New Year?”

  1. Will the new patch of New Star Soccer be playable online any time soon?

  2. Ultimate Football Management 2013-14:

    I guess this comes out in February! Can I make some suggestions for it?

    . I actually prefer the first ultimate football manager as it was more simple. I did like the fact there there was more league to buy players and stuff in the new one however there was lots of glitches like when you brought that young player he would also appear in another team as well and I hated that. I would like to see a change in prize money too!!

  3. Really looking forward to the next jumpers for goalpoasts and particularly UFM 2014! Thought the last one was fantastic but a more in-depth tactics system and more accurate player ratings would already make a huge impovement on the old ufm… maybe scouting or european competitions would be a cool addition too?

    Also please make more football tycoon games!

  4. I want to UFM will be better.

    My ideas:
    - French, Portugal and American leagues
    - stronger second leagues (because actually most teams have power 1)
    - Morale of the owner (if you play poor, owner is angry if play good owner is pleased)
    - less space winnings ( Siena 6-0 Pescara)
    - Europe league and group stage in european cups
    - News of the football world, for example:
    – New investor in Sunderland
    – Huge dept in Fulham
    - Deducted points when finances are bad
    - Contracts of footballers for example:
    – Cavani signed a contract with Man Utd for 4 years
    This is my ideas on this game. I want to help you with the game, beacause i like football and i like your manager games.

  5. Where’s Volley 13/14?

  6. Hey, MB team – great release on Ultimate Football Management 13-14, but a few things regarding Liverpool :

    Suarez should be 8 or 9 stars.

    There is Lucas Moura, the Wing Forward playing for Liverpool in the game with shirt number 29, whereas in reality Lucas Leiva plays for Liverpool, and is a DM or CM with shirt number 21.

  7. In UFM, there are bugs. After my newcastle game and leaving the game(to the menu), i wanted to start a new game in a new game slot and… it was gone.


  8. On Ultimate Football Management 13-14 if you sell a player in the sell players page and then if you dont move your mouse on another player and u click sell player down below u can just keepon selling and getting billions

  9. Is there any news on Jumpers for Goalposts 5 (e.g. release date, new features etc.)?

  10. Hey I just wanted to say congratulations – your doing a great job. Your games are creative and fun, and we all appreciate them. Really good job mate. Thanks, Happy New Year

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